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2021 Trienale CECUT, Tijuana Mexico

Founded in 2021, XoQUE is Trinational group of diverse women working on border issues. XoQue created site specific art installations on both sides of the border with the Kumeyaay/Kumiai community to raises awareness of their ongoing presence and to create pathways of healing through language, geography, and counter-stories. Each artist has co-created a unique installation that hopes to encourage dialogue and create visual representation of the border tribes. The installations form a three-dimensional, multimedia conceptual painting that is based of cultural memories and the intentional future. 

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Our Mission

Challenge the Status Quo

At XoQUE, our mission is to develop partnerships and engage the community, through art and culture, to discover innovative ways to conceptualize and implement site specific art. It is united by “experimentation” in media, venue and concept that gives voice to community concerns, community history, and community revitalization. It’s process is dynamic and participatory, engaging the environment, the community and in challenging the status quo. XoQue and its artists share a commitment to community engagement, social change, and artistic experimentation and innovation. It believes that art is inspired and evolves from the dynamic interaction between artist, people and ideas. Participating artists include Ana María Herrera,  Berenice Badillo, Jennifer Clay, Sandra Carmona, Selina Calvo and Cynthia Vazquez.

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XoQue Art in Action

Border focused land and community based installations led by women artists

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